Anti-Fragile: Stronger Faith for Hard Times

Anti-Fragile: Stronger Faith for Hard Times

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So what’s needed to have stronger faith, the faith of Paul? What’s needed is that tenacity. What’s needed is that spirit that says, hold on a second. I’m not going to just keep getting knocked down and getting back up. I’m going to start living on the offensive. I’ve been given authority. I’ve been given power. I’m not going to hide. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not going to cower.

So whether I live or die, all I want is Him to be glorified. Whether I have 10 more minutes or 20 more years, I just want to bring awareness to who Jesus is, and how great He is, and what He’s done for me. And when you see it that way, when you look at it that way, far from being taken out by your hardship, you, in your hard times, will discover that they are making you stronger.

Preached at Fresh Life Church. Used by permission.

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