God Sends the Best to You

by Jana Tuttle

This morning I woke up early in Ohio to much cooler weather, and as I looked out of our hotel room window, I was met with the turning of the leaves and a beautiful cloud laden sky… it truly was remarkable to behold. So with great excitement in the air, and ministry before us, I grabbed my Bible and coffee in tow, wrapped up in my comforter and just couldn’t wait to spend some much needed time with you…

There is nothing more beautiful than receiving a personalized gift from someone you love… someone who has put great thought, time and effort into picking the perfect gift just for you… someone who knows you are surely going to love and enjoy it. But what if that someone you deeply cared about sent you a gift and you never opened it, never receiving the potential joy and beauty the gift holds… never seeing the thoughtful care that had been put into selecting the perfect gift just for you?

Until You Receive The Gift, You Cannot Enjoy The Benefits of The Gift.

Did You Know God Sends The Best For You? In John 14:16 Jesus promises His disciples another Helper that will abide with them forever. In John 16:7 AMPC, Jesus says it is profitable (good, expedient, advantageous) for His disciples that He go away, because if He does not go away, the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to them [into close fellowship with them]; but if He goes away, He will send Him to them [to be in close fellowship with them].”

Jesus deemed the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Helpervery important in the life of the Believer and desires for us to utilize His Gift that He gave… The other day I was trying to figure out something on my own… I struggled… I toiled… and then suddenly I was sweetly reminded the Holy Spirit is my Helper. I immediately asked Him to help direct me through the problem at hand, and to my amazement the answer became clear and I was able to solve the problem right then with His help. It was easy and effortless.

He Has A Job To Do, If You Will Let Him. 

The Helper is called to your side to help. No matter what you need help with, He is there to navigate you through it with great peace, divine wisdom and direction. He is your Helper, Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener and Standby. So, as we face each day with all of its decisions, responsibilities and even surprises it brings our way, let’s not forget HE IS THERE, in close fellowship with us and He has a job to do for you, if you will let Him…

Relinquish Control And Let Him Help. 

If you will receive the Heavenly Gift that was imparted to you in the New Birth experience, when you came to Christ, and remind yourself that upon the moment of salvation the Helper came to reside on the inside of you, bringing His Power, Presence and Help… then you will never feel overwhelmed by circumstances, you will never be at a loss for direction or wisdom… because He Specializes In Helping You!

We don’t have to labor through this life being overwhelmed by anything, we have been given the Heavenly Gift… the Helper… to lead us and help us to live a victorious life in Christ. And you don’t have to wait for the ‘help’ to show up… He is not ‘hired help’, He is always there, and will always help you to complete the task at hand, coming alongside you to empower and embolden you… giving you perfect help. We can receive NOW from Him. He is never late, but always right on time, and He always knows what we need for He is Omniscient.

Always Remember God Has Sent The BEST For You!

I love you and pray this week that your eyes would be opened to see the Holy Spirit as the Heavenly Gift that He is… He is by your side to guide you and help you in everyday life.

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