Getting Unstuck

by Jana Tuttle

How many times have we struggled with being “stuck” in a particular holding pattern of thinking, reacting, and living? And maybe as we say here in the great state of Texas, “you’ve been snake bit” meaning the decisions of yesteryear has immobilized you, causing you to become fearful of moving forward into something NEW. Or maybe you are at a crossroads, not sure if you should venture into the NEW, even though you have been feeling for some time the gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit to step out and into…

Honey if this is speaking to you, then let this bring you an encouraging word that will bring a settled peace and bright hope to your beautiful soul…

The children of Israel developed over the years of being in bondage while in Egypt a confined mindset… a limited way of living and thinking. Having lived enslaved for so long, with loss of freedom and function, caused a strong-hold to be formed over their minds. And though they cried out for deliverance, and God delivered them in a mighty way by parting the Red Sea, and bringing them through the wilderness where He showed Himself to be their faithful Guide (a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night) and their abundant Provider (raining down daily fresh manna and quail)… they could not overcome their old way of thinking, their “stuck mentality”. Though they left Egypt… Egypt never left them.

BUT there were two young men, Joshua and Caleb, who refused to be “stuck” living in yesteryear, in the former ways of thinking that were bound by years of fear and containment. See there was something different about them… they were not bound by the past, nor would they allow it to define their future. The Bible even clearly says that Caleb had a different spirit in him. He had a different attitude about him, a spirit of faith! (Numbers 14:24)

When Joshua and Caleb and the others were sent to spy out the Promised Land… the land that the Lord had already prepared and promised the children of Israel that was theirs for the taking… the others came back with a negative fear-filled evil report. All they could see was the “giants” in the land. They were stuck in a mindset of fear from yesteryear, not a spirit of faith to see their bright tomorrow…

But Joshua and Caleb chose only to see God and all the possibilities and promises. And when the others gave their negative report to all the children of Israel, fear being instilled throughout the camp, Caleb who was filled with faith and possibility in the NEW day and NEW way of living, quieted the people and in bold faith said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it!”

Caleb’s words were faith-filled and ready to possess everything God had for him. He no longer wanted to live the wilderness way. He was ready to step into a thriving way of living and go possess the NEW season, the NEW land, because he knew they had the power and the capacity to prevail and succeed because God was with them and promised them a land flowing with milk and honey… but they had to go possess it.

I say this with every ounce of firm loving Southern sweetness that is inside of me… It’s Time to COME UNSTUCK in Jesus Name! We must forget those former things, the things of old… the old fears… old memories… old mindsets… old perceived wrong decisions… the wrongs someone did to you… the past seasons… the old ways of talking… nursing, rehearsing and cursing the past… And step out and into the NEW that He has promised you! For behold He makes all things NEW!

Let’s leave the “Stuck Mentality” behind… you know all those “pasts” that replay over and over in our mind like a broken record… and lets be open to all that He has already prepared for us to possess today! For we are well able to possess ALL that God has for us…

Because WE ARE UNSTUCK! Hallelujah!

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