God Protects You Today

by Jana Tuttle

There is something so beautiful about His Promise of Divine Protection… something that settles every fear and chases away every doubt. For as long as I can remember I have made praying Psalm 91 a daily habit. Never leaving my house without the covering of His Promise and the security of His Word…

I ask, Have You Appropriated Psalm 91 Today?

My friend and I discussed lightly the way the nation seemingly is headed, and Psalm 91 Divine Protection came up. And boldly with great determination in her voice she said, “In the face of all of this darkness… I Will Say of The Lord… He is my Protector and Defender, and NO EVIL will befall me, my family, my ministry, my property, my vehicle, my home!”

As she firmly and fearlessly declared verse 2 of Psalm 91 over all that she is responsible for… all that is in her care… my spirit leapt within and bore witness, as I knew this was the key to our safety and security against danger and dread. And this Divine Promise of Protection, that has been appropriated throughout time by the prayers of God’s children, has proven to be reliable every time… no matter where they are… not matter the presented circumstance at hand… His Promise transcends time, distance and location.

David, who had intimately experienced God’s Divine Protection throughout his life, so beautifully penned about the safety and security that is readily available NOW to us when we trust in God as our Abiding Defense. HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY… the name by which the patriarchs of faith had personally known… His name means Mighty, Unconquerable, “Mountain” … indicating His Greatness, Strength, His Everlasting Nature over all enemies and dangerous situations. He is the All-Sufficient God, eternally capable of being ALL that His people need… in time of their need… their PROTECTOR, DEFENDER, SHELTER.

What Are You Saying of The Lord?

When attacks seem to come like a plague… when danger is all around… the only words we must speak, the only words that truly have power to defend and protect is God’s Word. For His very Life-Source is in His Word and His Word will never return barren, fruitless or void. But it will accomplish that which He designed it to accomplish. But it must be appropriated… spoken… declared… prayed… in order for it to produce His intended Divine results. His Word trumps human words. His Word can instantly change any dangerous situation bringing Divine help your way… for He has given His angels charge over you… they accompany, defend, preserve and keep you in all of your ways of service and obedience to Him. Oh, thank the Lord for His Divine Security Team! Hallelujah!

In the midst of uncertain times, I will say of the Lord… “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust.” When traps, snares, plagues, and epidemics are readily out there, I will say of the Lord… “He shall deliver me!” When lies and deception and hidden darkness is hovering over the land, I will say of the Lord… “His Truth (His Word) is my shield and buckler and will protect me!” When fear and destruction are in plain view, I will say of the Lord… “He is my Defense, and I will not be afraid!” When a thousand fall by my side and ten thousand at my right hand, I will say of the Lord… “Because He is my Abiding Defense, it shall not come near me nor my dwelling place!”

I Will Say of The Lord…

I am saying of Him… “You are my Refuge and my Fortress… the One I lean on and rely upon… the One I CONFIDENTLY TRUST!” Every morning before we leave the house or start our day, we should activate Psalm 91 Divine Protection by declaring it over our lives, our loved ones, our businesses and ministries, our city, state, and nation. As Kingdom Ladies, when we dwell in the secret place of communion and fellowship with Him through times of prayer and in the Word, we shall remain stable and fixed under the Defense of the Almighty. Unshakable and immovable because He is a Mighty Fortress that surrounds His people. HE is our Defender, Protector and Defense.

This week I encourage you to memorize Psalm 91. Get it down deep within you. And make it a daily habit to pray this over your life and loved ones. There is something so peaceful in knowing every day you have covered all your bases… and are being Divinely Protected from on High. Today abide in His Presence! Memorize His Word! Appropriate Psalm 91 Divine Protection by declaring it over your life! Say out loud and often… I Will Say of The Lord… He PERFECTLY Protects Me!

And always remember when calamities try to come, the Lord assures us that He will be present with those who call upon Him and that He will deliver and honor us! I don’t know about you, but that makes this Texas gal want to jump up and do the Texas Two-Step all across my living room floor! You are greatly loved and adored. Have a BLESSED and PROTECTED week!


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