Norman Bishop

    Norm Bishop lives in southeast Kentucky and serves as Assistant Professor of Education at Alice Lloyd College, where he is also developing a Special Education Major. He is also in the final stretch of his doctorate, working on his dissertation for EdD in Educational Leadership! Norm also had a long career as a special education teacher, administrator, and professor working as a consultant for the Arizona Department of Education. He has been blessed with a family of four grown children spread around the country and a wife, Donna. who resides with him in Tucson, Arizona.

    He has been a devoted Christ-follower since his profession of faith in Christ on November 12, 1968. Writing and teaching are his God-given call, and with the Lord’s assistance he has published computer assisted academic curriculum, curriculum materials, journal articles, grants, children’s short stories and most recently a college course textbook.

    His Christian ministry has been focused in the area of Children’s christian education, teaching, directing, creating programs and writing biblically-based curriculum.