Neil Anderson

    Neil Anderson

    Dr. Neil Anderson graduated from the Talbot School of Theology with a Master of Arts in Christian Education, from Pepperdine University with a Doctor of Education in Institutional Management and Talbot School of Theology with a Masters of Divinity in Practical Theology and a Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care.

    He taught for ten years at Talbot School of Theology and was the chairman of the Practical Theology Department. He is the Founder and President Emeritus of Freedom In Christ Ministries which has offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and throughout the United States. He conducts conferences for Christian leaders around the world in addition to maintaining a heavy writing schedule. Neil stays involved with the academic community by teaching Doctor of Ministry classes at several seminaries. He enjoys golf, bike riding, traveling, family, and being a grandparent.

    Dr. Anderson’s published books include: Victory Over The Darkness, The Bondage Breaker, Walking In the Light, The Seduction Of Our Children, Released From Bondage, Daily In Christ, Living Free In Christ, Breaking Through To Spiritual Maturity, A Way of Escape, Helping Others Find Freedom In Christ, Setting Your Church Free, Freedom From Addiction, The Christ Centered Marriage, The Spiritual Protection of Our Children, The Common Made Holy, Rivers of Revival, Leading Teens to Freedom In Christ, Finding Hope Again, Freedom From Fear, One Day at a Time, Christ Centered Therapy, Getting Anger Under Control, Freedom In Christ Bible, Blessed Are the Peacemakers, A Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine, Overcoming Addictive Behavior, Praying By the Power of The Spirit, Breaking the Bondage of Legalism, Discipleship Counseling, Overcoming a Negative Self- Image, Finding God’s Will In Spiritually Deceptive Times, Overcoming Doubt, Overcoming Addictive Behavior, Finding Freedom in a Sex-Obsessed World, Overcoming Depression, Free, The Daily Discipler, Extreme Church Makeover, Experiencing Christ Together, Restored, The Path to Reconciliation, Winning the Battle Within, The Core of Christianity, The Bondage Breaker, the Next Step, Liberating Prayer, and Rough Road to Freedom.

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