Marilyn Morris

    Marilyn Morris

    Marilyn Morris is the founder and president of Aim For Success, Inc., America’s largest provider of healthy relationship programs. Marilyn is also the author of several books including ABC’s of the Birds and Bees for Parents of Toddler to Teens and Teens Sex and Choices.  She has been married to Charles Morris for 36 years and they have two married daughters and five grandchildren.

    Marilyn founded Aim For Success in 1993 as a non-profit educational organization. Since that time, Aim For Success has challenged over 1 million teenagers with the message of sexually healthy relationships until marriage. Through live presentations teenagers are encouraged to develop strong character as they deal with one of life’s most difficult issues – sexual pressure. Marilyn believes students who embrace the sexually healthy relationships until marriage lifestyle have the freedom to pursue their dreams and goals without the worry of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or emotional scars.

    Marilyn is a dynamic speaker who captivates audiences of all ages. Her presentations are fun, interactive and never embarrassing. Responses from teenagers on Aim For Success’ anonymous surveys indicate they are ready and willing to take up the challenge of a responsible lifestyle of healthy relationships. Marilyn also helps adults through her parent programs as she motivates and equips them to be their child’s sex educator.

    Marilyn has received local, state, and national recognition from President George W. Bush. She has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and on National Public Radio (NPR), The Discovery Channel, Public Broadcast System (PBS) and Fox News - New York.