Be the Dad She Needs You to Be

by Kevin Leman

Dad, did you know that your relationship with your daughter is the most important relationship in her life? It is. Enjoy it. Encourage her. She is seeking your approval. A good dad in the home makes everyone’s life better!

If your daughter feels loved and valued by her dad, she won’t go seeking love in the wrong places. If you don’t put away your critical eye and flaw-picking, you will destroy your daughter. Here are some helpful tips:

  • The key relationship for your daughter is your daughter’s relationship with her dad. If not dad, then a male like grandfather or a much older brother can take that role.
  • You, Dad, represent all of masculinity to your daughter.
  • Dads can bless their daughters by talking about how young men view girls, how her outfits effect boys and how boys are affected by her actions.
  • It doesn’t take long for a daughter to get inside her father’s heart.
  • If you have a critical eye, or are a flaw-picker, stop before you make her life miserable.
  • Give her lots of encouragement. She is looking to be accepted by YOU.
  • She needs to feel valued by her dad.
  • Wives, never put your husband down in front of your daughter. It shows her that she can tear into her own husband some day.
  • A good dad means taking an interest in what your daughter is interested in, encouraging her, being a steady hand in her life, and listening to her heart.
  • She needs to know that you love her no matter what.

Taken from Be the Dad She Needs You to Be. Used by permission.



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