10 Ways to Reach Your Goals

by Jon Acuff

Ask 100 people if they’d like to make significant progress on their goals over the next week and you’ll probably get 100 yeses.  (Actually, you’d probably get 99, thanks to that one jerk dentist who doesn’t prefer Trident gum either.)

Ask those same people, seven days later, if they WERE able to make significant progress on their goals and guess what happens? You get a lot more noes. (Isn’t the plural of the word “no” weird looking?)

Why don’t most people make progress on their goals?

Did those folks change their minds during the week? Probably not.

The intention was still there, but the execution wasn’t. Which leads me to one of the biggest things I’ve learned as I’ve led people through the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge:

The reason most goals fail isn’t a lack of intention, it’s a lack of action. But the word “action” can be fairly vague, like the life advice, “Just Be Yourself.”

Let’s get specific and practical today.

Here are 10 actions you can take right now to get closer to your goal. I dare you to try one today.

10 ways to knock out your goals

1. Mark some specific times you’re going to hustle on your calendar next week.

2. Identify and write down the triggers that are likely to keep you from your making progress on your goal.

3. Reach out to someone who is ahead of you for a tip on achieving your goal.

4. Figure out how to batch work on your goal to make more progress in chunks.

5. Write down the “why” of your goal to fuel yourself when you need the encouragement.

6. Identify 1-3 things to measure so you know when you are making progress on your goal.

7. Find a person to check in with on your goal for accountability.

8. Rest! Make sure you’re getting enough rest so you don’t burn out chasing your goal. In a culture of busyness, rest is an act of bravery.

9. Thank someone who has already helped you make progress on your goal.

10. Perform a diagnosis on your hustle. Identify and stop doing the things that aren’t effective.

Those ten actions are a part of the daily videos you get in the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge, and there are twenty more that go along with it. You also get daily emails, an 8,000-word PDF workbook, access to a private community of supportive people working on their goals and a few more fun surprises.

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