God’s Artistry: Unleash His Creative Power in You

God’s Artistry: Unleash His Creative Power in You

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We are created in the image of God…which means we are all innately creative like Him. If you saw Jesus as an Artist, what kind of art would He create? What would be the reflection of the essence of Jesus? Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine shows us His creative power.

This is how God works in our lives. This is the creative process, is that God’s not asking you to create something out of nothing. He’s asking you to take what you already have, that He’s already given you, and bring it to Him, so He can do more with you, and with that, to make the world better.

And so, when God’s saying, “I want your talent. I want your intelligence. I want your passions. I want your discipline. I want your character. I want all of you,” He’s not asking you for something that He didn’t give you. He’s asking you to bring back to Him, and trust Him with the very things He entrusted you from the beginning. 

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