The Intolerance of an Overcomer

The Intolerance of an Overcomer

You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. – 1 John 4:4

There was a concern years ago that Japanese made vehicles would out-sell American made vehicles due to the concept of zero tolerance—little or no room for error. As a result, American car manufacturers began to raise the standard back home in order to become more competitive. In other words, to maximize business productivity, decrease your level of tolerance for error. In being human, we will never perfectly reach that but if it is the goal, it will set your business and product apart. This is due to the fact that when mediocrity is the standard, people will simply shop elsewhere. And if this is true in business or even basketball, manufacturing or flying—why do we question it when it comes to the God who made it all? Is God to expect less from you and me, and from His church? That’s the message that Jesus brings to the church of Thyatira. He wants them to know that in order for them to live as overcomers both on earth and for eternity, they will need to have a zero tolerance mindset toward sin. They will need to never settle for their own sins or the sins of others.

In being human, we will never perfectly reach that but if it is the goal, it will set your business and product apart.

1. Read Revelation 2:18-28. Had everyone in the church at Thyatira committed rebellion in tolerating the deeds of Jezebel? What was the message to those who had not been tolerant?

2. Jezebel was able to get away with so much immoral behavior and enticement. Position does not trump standards. How does a position of spiritual authority sometimes impact whether or not we will choose to hold someone accountable within the body of Christ? Should things be this way and if not, what can be done to address it?

3. One of the things Jezebel did in the church was to encourage people to eat things sacrificed to idols. Idolatry as any person, place, thought or thing that usurps God’s rightful rule in your life. We do not typically have idols in today’s culture that are made from wood carvings or set upon our mantles, as in days past or other cultures. What are some of the idols we have in our contemporary American culture – such as materialism and narcissism. Discuss some common ones you might have.

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