Finish What You Start

Finish What You Start

“Manasseh did not drive out the inhabitants…Ephraim did not dive out the Canaanites…Zubulun did not drive out the inhabitants…Asher did not drive out the inhabitants…Naphtali did not drive out the inhabitants…”(Judges 1:27,29,30,31,33).

What have you left undone in your life?

When God promised Israel the promised land he instructed them to drive out the inhabitants so that they would not be a snare to them in the future. They would plague Israel, causing them to worship other gods and adopted their evil practices. At first Israel was diligent to follow the command of the Lord, especially in the days of Joshua. But as time went by they grew lax and did not drive out the inhabitants as the Lord had commanded. The result was just what the Lord had said. “They shall become thorns in your sides and their gods shall be snare to you” (Judges 2:3).

Do you tolerate sin in your life? Maybe you don’t see it that way. Perhaps you violate your conscience from time to time or let something pass because your don’t want to deal with it at that moment. The book of Judges is not a book about Israel’s success in taking the land. It is a book about their failure, and God’s dealing with them as a result of that failure.

We all fail in what the Lord commands us. If a book could be written about us it would be about our failures and God’s faithfulness in dealing with our failures, leading us to repent—another key theme in the book of Judges.

Whatever you have left undone in your life is something to take control of, before it wrecks havoc.

Memory Verse

“If we are faithless, he remains faithful for he cannot deny himself” (II Timothy 2:13).


Do a spiritual inventory of your life. Look for things in your life that you have left undone. Prioritize them so you identify which things are causing you the most trouble spiritually. Then resolves to repent and bring those to the Lord for solutions.

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