The End of the Matter

by Roger Barrier


Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

This morning, as we come to the end of the book of Ecclesiastes, I am going to talk about fear—and love.

“Now all has been heard;

here is the conclusion of the matter:

Fear God and keep his commandments,

for this is the whole duty of man.

For God will bring every deed into judgment,

including every hidden thing,

whether it is good or evil.”

(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

Solomon recommends two things that mix together rather well.

  1. Fear God
  2. Keep His Commandments

The “Fear of the Lord” is really important: It is the beginning of wisdom (Proverb 9:10).

The Greatest Commandment is really important. “Love God and Love your neighbor” (Matthew 22).

  • The term, “Fear of the Lord,” means more than, “scare the pants off of someone,” or be “filled with great dread,” –although it does encompass that.
  • The “Fear of the Lord” is more a descriptive phrase which identifies a particular type of lifestyle.
  • When you think about it, “Fear of the Lord” leads us away from sin and the things that might hurt us and directs us toward holiness.
  • The “Fear of the Lord” manifests itself in provision and protection.
  • When you fear God you won’t ever need to fear anything else. 
  • The “Fear of the Lord” is the beginning of wisdom,” but it is certainly not the end! “Perfect love casts out fear.”
  • We must be keep a proper balance of love and fear. We all respond better to love than to fear.
  • The cross of Christ shows the mixture of love and fear.

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