My Last Words

by Roger Barrier

Dear Roger,

What are the key truths that guide your life? What words define you as a husband, Christian and pastor?



Dear Rachel,

These are the words that have guided my spiritual life, ministry and family. They are my my life-messages. I would write them on my tombstone.




Everyone is just as spiritual as he/she wants to be.

God never reveals the deep things of the spirit to the Christian who just stops by for a little chat.

The greatest tragedy in the Christian church is the Christian who refuses to grow up.

My life’s prayer: “Dear Lord, please make me a spiritual father/mother at any price.”

God uses everything that happens in our lives for the good purpose of molding us to look like Jesus.


You can never get back the time that you miss with your kids.

You are most blessed if you and your spouse are intimate friends.

Set your spouse free to be the person God wants her/him to be. 

The greatest hindrance to intimacy in marriage is the failure to leave mom and dad.

Protect your children by letting them know that relevant expectations come from you, and not from the church members.

Take time to savor the little victories.

Don’t ask for a pint’s worth of forgiveness if you’ve inflicted a gallon’s worth of hurt.

Church Ministry

If you have a vision to help hurting people, you will always have a ministry.

Be kind to everyone you meet, because everyone you meet is fighting a battle.

When you see hurt, comfort it.

A shepherd’s best work is done on the backside of the mountain when no one is looking.

There are three levels of friends: acquaintances, close friends, and intimate friends. You need some of each.

Always be preparing the next generation of leaders to step in and take over.

There are two kinds of church members: the pillars who give 80% of the money, support and time, and the caterpillars who crawl in and out around the pillars.

Life is tough: huddle up.

Historically, the first generation fights the battles; the second generation enjoys the spoils; and the third generation gives it all back.

Win at parish poker by knowing how many chips (depth of relationships) you have and the cost of using them (for the difficult times, for change)!


The worst sin a preacher can commit is to be boring.

Put the cookies on the lower shelf where everyone can reach them.

Never be longer than five minutes away from a good story or illustration.

Take courses or classes in public speaking in order to become a master communicator, if necessary.

Preaching the Bible paragraph by paragraph is the most effective way to teach Christians to grow and lay the groundwork for spiritual maturity.

Study the Bible by using the accuracy principle, the background principle, and the common sense principle.

Ask permission if you use your spouse or kids in a sermon illustration. Pay them money if need be.

Be certain that you pray; gather your notes and check your fly before you step up to preach!

Church Finances

It is a sin for pastor to tip-toe around the issues of materialism, money and stewardship.

Don’t be shy about raising money. Pastors who raise money have the resources to help fulfill their dreams for the kingdom.

Sometimes, the most important job that the pastor has is to raise money.

Be sure you take care of home base. If you lose home base you have essentially lost the church.

Have a team of expert leaders in place to ensure that church funds are handled honestly and effectively.


My Dad’s Words of Wisdom

He who whispers down the well about the goods he has to sell will not have as many dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.

Don’t sell your peanuts at the end of the parade.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

My life verse

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 


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