A New Year brings thoughtful reflection. We say things like “time flies” or “where did the time go?” Perhaps we should remember this:

I’m reminded that 2 things are true: Life is busy. Parenting is tough. I remember bringing home our first-born and suddenly realizing that life would never be the same. I was again reminded in fresh and ever evolving ways, as we brought home number 2 and number 3.

You’re probably there – or one day, might be.

At first, I tried to be super dad – continually available, constantly dialed in. I still try, but I’m learning the power of something else. The importance and power of parenting in slices. (this goes for grand-parenting also)

What I mean is simply this: seizing slices (intentional moments) throughout your day – your week.

The reality is that none of us trying to hit a home run at this parenting thing have the ability to be always focused on each individual child with undivided attention – continually and consistently dialed in.

It’s impossible to have that laser like focus for all 3 of mine, all the time. So – I’m seizing SLICES.

A slice of time here and there. While I’m in that slice (that moment) with the 1 child, they have my focus, attention and affection. I don’t intentionally ignore the other 2, but simply focus on that 1 – in that slice the most. The goal is get some slices of time with each. Now, of course, there are times where all of my kids are on the radar screen at the same time…

But when we brought home our third (Cali) – I remember this overwhelming sense of guilt that I wasn’t spending ‘equal’ time with all three everyday. The most freeing thing that God whispered to me was: aim for equal time in a week.

That simple thought freed me from some serious daddy guilt. That’s the idea behind ‘slices’ – seizing a slice of time to focus on one primarily: to cheer, to coach, to challenge, to cry with and to come alongside in that moment – in that slice of time.

Don’t ignore – simply try to seize the slice of time and opportunity with that child – ‘for such a time as this‘… It might be a slice of time to play a game, take a walk, attend a sporting event, run an errand, do homework, go on a daddy/kid date, late night conversations, etc.

They don’t have to last for ever, but they do have to be intentional. A slice is a carved out moment of time for focus: one-on-one. The humbling thing for us parents – is that you will never get that slice of time, that moment back. So leverage it now!

Parent in SLICES

Significant Love Invested Clearly & Equally (among) Siblings

Do you remember a parental slice from your growing up years – maybe a word of wisdom, moment of coaching or cheering that you experienced? What was it?


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