Thirty-Five Ways to Care for Your Soul

by Deborah Haddix

Psalm 46:10:

“Be stilland know that I am GodI will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Care of the soul is serious and important work. For it is through this task that we draw closer to God and thus, deepen our relationship with Him.


As we engage in this weighty work, there is a warning to be disclosed.

While we can share ideas on how to effectively care for the soul with one another, it is crucial for us to recognize that the responsibility for this work is ours alone.

Hidden in the innermost part of our being, no one else has access to our soul. Therefore, the responsibility for its care belongs to each of us individually.

Consider the following 35 practical ideas for soul care. Then, establish your personal plan – prioritize it, nail down the when and where and for how long, prepare ahead, set up a physical space, arrange childcare if needed, make it portable so that you can take it with you. Do whatever it takes for the work is crucial and the responsibility yours.

Walk with God

  • Breathe breath prayers throughout your day.
  • Say His name – “Jesus.” Out loud. Remind yourself that He is right there with you.
  • Have a heart-to-heart with God. Don’t hold back. Share your deepest concerns, fears, and thanks with Him.
  • Wear a special item of jewelry that will remind you of Jesus.
  • Practice immediate obedience to Him.
  • Keep a daily appointment with God.
  • Provide a soundtrack for your work – listen to podcasts, turn up the praise music, build playlists for different purposes.
  • Carry on conversations with Christ.

Pay Attention

  • Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, commit your day to God and invite Him to be with you.
  • Each morning, challenge yourself by asking: “In how many moments of my life today can I be consciously aware of and surrendered to God’s presence?”
  • Schedule a dedicated and consistent time for self-reflection.
  • Stay alert to God’s surprises throughout each and every day.
  • Keep your eyes open to God’s guiding hand on your life.
  • In prayer, ask your loving Heavenly Father to show you which of your attitudes, expectations, beliefs, or plans are holding you back from intimacy with Him.
  • Step away from social media and turn off your devices. Then turn your focus toward Him.
  • Lean in physically while talking with God.
  • Enlist an accountability partner or two who will help you pay attention.
  • Examine your motives regularly – Duty or love? Performance driven or response from the heart?

Engage in the Spiritual Disciplines

  • Pray Scripture. Read a Bible passage back to God as a prayer or put the passage into your own words.
  • Take prayer breaks throughout your day. Set an alarm on your phone to help you remember.
  • Listen to the Bible.
  • Write out Scripture – by hand.
  • Meditate on a passage of Scripture as you enjoy a walk.
  • Read God’s Word with a pen in hand – underline important words, make lists, draw diagrams, record your reflections, note your questions, do word studies, compare and contrast, make connections, summarize.
  • Pray as you live life – having coffee, doing laundry, waiting in line, walking the dog.
  • Offer thanksgiving, every day.
  • Preach the Gospel to yourself. Learn to spend more time talking to yourself than listening to yourself.


  • Enjoy a leisurely prayer walk through your neighborhood.
  • Set a timer and sit quietly alone with God for five minutes.
  • Spend some time alone with God – write it on your calendar, prepare for it, and if possible, get away from home.
  • Take a nap.
  • Get plenty of sleep at night.
  • Learn to wait on the Lord – in solitude and silence, with no agenda.
  • Plan a personal retreat day (or hour).
  • Let go of perfectionistic tendencies and impossibly high expectations of what things should look like. Extend grace to yourself and allow for adjustments that will better fit your current season (ie; shorter amount of time spend in daily quiet time, Bible reading and prayer spread out over time, spiritual disciplines practiced at different times of day, children included in spiritual practices). For more resources and Bible studies, go to her amazing site!

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