Has science fiction become a religion? And how closely do Biblical descriptions of heaven and a cosmic Creator interface with the human longing to “go where no man has gone before…” Man longs for a supernatural God and a heaven beyond our wildest imaginations.


Geeks the world over are having spasms over the release of new science fiction and fantasy shows this year. Of great interest is the new Star Trek movie, the fiftieth anniversary episode of the British hit, Doctor Who, and the release of new sci-fi hits, Defiance, Revelation, and other sci-fi movie releases. On top of that there are many sci-fi and fantasy fans attending annual conventions, dressed as their favorite characters, a phenomenon know as “cosplay.” Fan devotion can almost be described as religious. Today’s die hard sci-fi fans don’t simply regard their favorite shows and books for their entertainment value, but often subscribe to the philosophy portrayed in their favorite franchises with passionate fervor. Some even go beyond playing dress up and try to live out their lives under the philosophy of the shows they watch. As a current scifi fan and author, yet former scifi geek I’d like to point out two things.

1.) It’s a TV show, not a religion, and

2.) I will live on another planet. And if you’re fortunate, so will you.

Before you consign me to the realm of the weird let me reiterate, whatever show you’re consumed with, keep a balanced perspective. It’s a TV show, not a religion. If you can’t go a day without thinking about or enjoying your favorite obsession then you might be involved with it a bit too much. No matter how well written, acted, or interesting, no sci-fi or fantasy franchise deserves the kind of attention you would give you your spouse, or kids, or God. In fact, if you give more mental and emotional attention to these things than your family then you can be assured, you have a problem.

Now, let me introduce a different perspective.

This is note a joke or a bit of sarcasm. Someday I will live on another planet, and if you are fortunate, so will you. Really. I’m not kidding. Am I crazy? Not at all. My statement isn’t a statement of the absurd. It’s a statement based upon the Bible.

In Revelation 21:1 the scripture tells us that those who know Christ will dwell on a new earth, different from this one. First, the scripture says that the old earth, the one we live on now, will no longer exist. Then it tells us a little about the planet we will someday occupy.

  • It will be different world from the current earth
  • It will have no oceans
  • It will not reside in a solar system like ours as it will have no sun (Revelation 21:23)
  • It will have no moon
  • It will have no night (Tidally locked? If so, to what?)
  • It will likely be much larger than this earth as it will contain a city measured 1,500 miles in height (Revelation 21:16)
  • It will be occupied by human beings and by non-human beings (various species of angels)

You might say that the Bible, though mostly about the past, looks toward a future for mankind that otherwise might read out of a futuristic scifi novel. So, if you’re a geek, I mean, if you are really a geek, you will find more hope for the future of man in the pages of the Bible than in any fantasy man may write. The only question you have to answer is this: What will I choose to believe?

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