Do you want long life? You can make choices that significantly extend your time here on earth. Our goal as believers is to live every day in the light of eternity. But how can you better “take care” of your body, God’s temple? 

Here are some statistics of people over 100 from southern Russia, Ecuadorian Andes and Okinawa, Japan.

They exercise regularly and consistently:  walking is part of everyday life.

They avoid highly processed foods:  almost none of their food is highly processed.

They eat a nutritious diet:  diet is low in calories, salt, saturated fats, and sugars; and high in fiber, whole grains, nuts, and “good” fats.  Fish is an important staple.

They drink lots of water:  water is also from wells or mountain streams and had a high mineral content.

They consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

They avoid loneliness:  vital relationships with neighbors, family, and friends.

They practice and enjoy regular sex:  usually with their spouse, who is their longtime partner in a mutually monogamous relationship, even after the age of 100.

They live with and depend on their extended families:  cradle to the grave security.  The concept of a nursing home is unheard of and would not even be tolerated.

They seldom use alcohol or tobacco products.

They intensely respect their elders:  they enjoy this same respect when they become old.

They lead active, fruitful lives well into their second century:  no retirement

They emphasize relationships and harmony over the pursuit of wealth or success:  many of them would be considered poor by Western standards, yet they consider themselves wealthy and satisfied.

Characteristics of Centenarians in the Boston Area (1994)

Significant obesity is rare.

Smoking history is extremely rare.

They scored low on a test that measures neuroticism.  In other words, they don’t dwell on problems, and they handle stress well.

They have a history of showing signs of aging very slowly with almost no heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

90% functioned independently up until the average age of 92.  Rather than “the older you become, the sicker you get, the healthier you’ve been, the older you get”.

Many females have born children after the age of 40.

Over 50% have close relatives who lived to a very old age.

Many children of these centenarians appear to be following in their footsteps.

I hope to do all the good I can for all the people I can for as long as I can.  However, long life in itself is not a personal goal of mine so much as a quality life of serving God until God decides my time on this earth is over.  But I want and need to improve in many of the areas mentioned above.  I think that God wants us to be good stewards of WHATEVER quality of health we have.  I read about a woman who had a debilitating disease and was finally completely immobilized.  One day she discovered she could move one of her toes.  Every day she tried to move her toe, then toes, then other parts of her body a little more.  Finally, she was completely and permanently restored to good health.

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