How to Identify Your Spiritual Gifts!

by Tom Terry

After a discussion with my daughter recently about the subject of spiritual gifts, I’d thought I’d post an evaluation form used to help others discover their area of gifting. I developed this simple tool and find it relevant and helpful.

The objective of the tool is to act as an indicator for which gift, or grouping of gifts a person might have. After printing out the text, just check the boxes for where your motivations might be. Discuss your findings with one or two people who know you well. Then begin to look for opportunities where you might be able to serve others in your area of indicated gifts.

Keep in mind, however, that as you discover your gifts that your gifting is second to the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5). Here we go…


Wisdom (Acts 6:1-3, James 3:13-18)


[   ] GENTLENESS of Spirit

[   ] Cares about UNITY and FORGIVENESS

Knowledge (Matthew 16:13-17)

[   ] Great desire to know what God THINKS

[   ] Advance SPIRITUAL knowledge

Discernment of Spirits (Acts 8:6-23, Proverbs 16:1, 17:9)

[   ] Ability to accurately discern the PERSONAL MOTIVATIONS and true spiritual CONDITION of others

[   ] Ability to discern if an action or behavior is influenced by DEMONIC FORCES

Prophecy (Acts 7:48. 21:10-12, I Corinthians 14:3.)

[   ] Special words of EDIFICATION from God

[   ] Special revelation of God’s CHARACTER

[   ]Foretells God’s WILL, not EVENTS


Faith (Hebrews 11)

[   ] Extraordinary endurance with an active profession of trust in Christ

[   ] Ability to perform extraordinary acts in the face of supposed contrary evidence or opposition

Healing & Miracles (Acts 3:2-9, 9:17-18, 14:8-11)

[   ] Compulsion to perform acts beyond human ability that restore health or wholeness of being

[   ] Restorative acts that point to Christ and are performed instantly, or with extraordinary rapidity

Tongues/Interpretations (I Corinthians 14, Acts 2)

[   ] Proclaim the activity of God in a language not learned (in clear words, with syntax, and grammatical structure, not mindless rambling)

[   ] Ability to understand the words of a language not learned as if it was a native tongue

[   ] Tongues – personal edification

[   ] Interpretation – evangelismexhortation


Helps/Service (Acts 6, II Timothy 4:11)

[   ] Desire to do things for others?

[   ] Fulfills practical service that results in unity in the body?

[   ] Lack of desire for recognition?

[   ] Desire to “free up” Christians who are called to lead.


[   ] Identify emotionally (often intensely) with the suffering and/or guilt of others

[   ] Performs and promotes acts of relief and restoration for the suffering and guilty

[   ] Usually kind and compassionate. Love is evident.

Administrations (Also related to gifts of spiritual leadership)

[   ] Manages the service of others

[   ] Desire to maximize the service others provide

[   ] Detailed person


[   ] Desire to give of their timetalents, and resources to help others

[   ] Unusually generous, or with an unusual desire to give (regardless of income level)

[   ] Willing to sacrifice to give for others


Leadership (also related to Administration) (Hebrews 13:7, 17)

[   ] Ability to give direction to others in practical matters that affect the spiritual life

[   ] Others seem to natural follow them, obey them, or be willing to be placed under their authority or influence

Evangelist  (Acts 8:4-40)

[   ] Unusual desire to tell others about the person, Jesus Christ

[   ] Naturally recognize opportunities to inject the topic of “Christ” into otherwise “normal” conversation

[   ] Talk openly about their faith (testimony)

[   ] Can lead others to Christ in a natural way

Pastor/Teacher (I & II Timothy, Titus)

[   ] Desire to build others to a mature faith in Christ

[   ] Can communicate biblical truth effectively

[   ] Wants to lead by application—not just a passive example

[   ] Has a heartfelt concern for other’s spiritual condition

 Exhortation (Acts 15:36-41. Also related to mercy.)

[   ] Naturally an encourager

[   ] Gives 2nd, 3rd, 4th, chances, etc.

[   ] Willing to grant unusual forgiveness and mercy

[   ] Tends to have the right words and the right actions at the right time

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