Worship Compels Us to Serve with God’s Compassionate Heart

Worship Compels Us to Serve with God’s Compassionate Heart

What does the Lord require of you? – To do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Your God’ – Micah 6 v 8

Truthful worship requires us to be willing to get raw, honest, and vulnerable before God. It is here that God is able to slowly mold and shape our hearts into one that mirrors the heart of Jesus. This change is fueled by God’s great love for us and is designed to propel our focus and attention onto what concerns the Father – His people. This is why the condition of our heart is so critical. Without a heart that mirrors Jesus, we do not see the need around us and our lives become introverted, self-serving and very two dimensional.

Every one of us is capable of affecting and influencing much change on the earth, but we must never underestimate the value of kindness and compassion to the ONE person who is often right in our view if we choose to see them. This is the key to mirroring the heart of Jesus. Even though He was coming to free the whole world and to be the ransom for the whole of humanity – it is often displayed in the gospels how compassionate and gentle he was with individuals. We are able to love others, only because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19) 

Worship is the fuel our hearts need to allow our lives to be poured out in service.We must allow our worship and devotion to God to motivate us into action. We were not made to be simply singers of songs, but lovers of God who worship Him not just with our voices, but with our whole lives. 

How God Showed me to worship with my service: HOPE 

I guess this is where my dream began which was to become  Hope: Rwanda back in 2004. I felt so burdened to express my devotion to Christ and His purposes in a  very tangible way.

During the 100-day genocide in 1994 over 1 million people were killed and hundreds of thousands were brutalized and displaced. Rwandans themselves call it “the time the world forgot us.” When we saw this it was impossible not to act, we felt compelled to do something to help bring hope and healing to the people of Rwanda. There is something so special about Rwanda that makes me love this country and her people. We at Hope: Rwanda are doing more now than ever and will continue to remain committed to this beautiful country. 

Our mission statement is: ‘to assist nations reduce poverty, achieve sustainable development, and to bring spiritual strength and social justice to every segment of society.’ This is my dream. Rwanda is the start of the journey towards doing what our team can to and I am excited about the possibilities of ‘HOPE’ in other countries around the globe.

SO, the journey continues… to worship Jesus with all we have, the songs of our hearts, and the fabric of our lives….Perhaps God will give you a vision to serve Him in some way. He will place the needs of the hurting before your very eyes as you look into His face and feel with His compassionate heart.

Let your worship lead you into action!

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