Love Lessons I Learned from My Sister

Love Lessons I Learned from My Sister

My sister Kathy is remarkable. The Proverbs 31 woman falls short of her virtue. Kathy is the queen of compassion. She knows what is really important: loving Jesus and loving others.

My sister prioritizes relationships. You can’t meet Kathy without feeling special. She greets you warmly and asks questions to open your heart. She looks you in the eye and listens intently. If you hesitate, she will continue to draw you out even if you are painfully shy. When you leave her, you always feel accepted and valued.

My sister brings out the best in everyone. Kathy earned her Master’s degree in early childhood development. Instead of teaching in a classroom or university, Kathy chose to nurture every little person who came across her path.  Not only did she raise three amazing children, she eagerly taught the Bible to a church full of giddy kids who couldn’t wait to arrive at AWANA’s. Kathy turned her backyard into a playground that rivals a Disney theme park. Moms and kids pile out of minivans with water wings and juice boxes to soak up the summer sun at Kathy’s home. I’ve even jumped in her bouncy house! Now she turns her attention to the three cutest grandchildren alive. They call her “Doodle” and don’t want to leave her side.

My Sis makes memories. Every holiday, birthday and anniversary is a major event. My son-in-law Richard marveled at her resplendent Thanksgiving table. Her vacations are legendary. Kathy hosts church and community events with grace and skill. When no one else wants to shoulder the responsibility, my sis steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park.

She prays with the sick and hurting. She helped her dearest friend Terri die of cancer. Kathy is not afraid of the ugly part-the pain, the nausea, the radiation and chemo. Perhaps it is because she is a cancer survivor herself. I know when my sister is praying for me. I feel the precious presence and power of God. If you are in crisis, she is the first to arrive and the last to leave.

My precious sister is selfless. My father died at the age of 88. My Mom, though fragile, is still with us. Her needs are becoming greater by the day. Kathy tirelessly attends to Mom’s practical needs (which are considerable!) She gives them hope! Her grandkids gleefully arrive to hug my Mom, breathing new life into their otherwise challenging days and nights. She is happiest when she has a “house fully of family.”

I know Kathy will be there for me. Her life is full, but when I am sick, she arrives on my doorstep. Everything is under control. No matter how scary life gets, she hugs me until my fear goes away. I truly don’t know what I’d do without her.

Perhaps you have a “Kathy.” I doubt it. Such precious people are few and far between. My fondest wish is simply to emulate her in every way I can.

After all, Kathy looks just like Jesus.

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