Jesus: Number One is the Best!

Jesus: Number One is the Best!

ONE is the best number. It conveys aspiration, new beginnings and uniqueness. The ONE we worship is supreme. He is unlike any other.

The strongest number of hope is ONE.

We live in a world that is impressed by numbers. The more the better. An increase of numbers seems to communicate success.

What seems to impress many – may often miss capturing the significance of ONE.

In our world we tend to praise the stories that emerge from the masses. But perhaps the best number is the ONE.

That ONE story.

The story that emerges from the ONE life that finds hope & renewal. That is the story that shines beauty and breathes significance. ONE story matters.

When we find ourselves looking into the eyes of the ONE that is sharing with a smile. The ONE expressing delight and relaying all that has unfolded within them, around them. We are moved deep within.

That ONE story has a way of hitting closer to home – with more weight – than any amount of numbers could convey. Sure large numbers are impressive, but they can miss the magnitude of the ONE.

ONE life – experiencing renewal communicates the loudest. Witnessing ONE life changed is truly amazing.

ONE life – ONE man brings the opportunity for another life to be changed forever. Jesus is that ONE. His life – invites YOU to experience renewal. And the best part is: YOUR story is the loudest expression of his renewing love. Your ONE story should be heralded for the many to hear.

Easter Sunday saw many lives changed at our church & many other churches around the world. But, no matter the numbers of how many – the ONE that is known by you – that’s the ONE that matters most.

We can get caught up seeking the BIGGER numbers, but please don’t lose sight of the power of ONE. ONE life. ONE story of new life.

Meeting ONE of those whose life is forever altered by grace is what stirs my heart…because ONE is the best number.       ~Jack

Whose the ONE for you? Is it your story or a friend’s? The story that encourages you that God is still active, still at work in this world?

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