Hamsters and Mozart: Simple Worship

Hamsters and Mozart: Simple Worship

What do hamsters, bunnies, Michener and Mozart have in common?  They are known for being prolific. I tirelessly toiled to be a great composer. I certainly was prolific (in a musical way, not the family way). I recall writing my first worship song at age three. I plunked on the black keys of my toy piano and warbled “Little Angel Mine” until Sissy slammed the bedroom door and demanded I find another outlet for noise-making. But I couldn’t stop writing. For years, I created worship music, children’s television jingles, aerobics videos, musical theater shows, oratorios, choral and orchestral pieces…even a silent movie score. It makes my head hurt just listing them.

God was not impressed. I think He liked my first song best.

The only real grammy-winner among the plethora of my mediocre masterpieces was a preschool ditty called “Who Made You?” Boy, the big bucks came rolling in on that one! Year after year, two and three-year-olds chirped my one-hit wonder faithfully. And, bless their big Baptist hearts, the publishers sent me royalty checks year in and year out. Go figure.

“Who Made You?” is a question philosophers and scientists have explored for centuries. If we don’t believe that God is the Author and Creator of all things, we have truly missed the boat. The most significant spiritual truths I have learned are both simple and profound. “Jesus loves me, this I know…for the Bible tells me so.” Does it get any better than that?

Paul wrote,

“You’ll remember, friends, that when I first came to you to let you in on God’s master stroke, I didn’t try to impress you with polished speeches and the latest philosophy. I deliberately kept it plain and simple: first, Jesus and who He is; then Jesus and what He did.” 1 Corinthians 1:1-2 MSG

As musicians, we are often enamored with our elaborate expressions of worship. We are impressed by our cleverness and skill. We are certain men will cheer and God will clap. However, I believe the best worship is offered by the little ones-those chubby cherubs singing songs of pure love and delight. After all, our attempts at worshipping a mighty, holy God are rudimentary at best. Often we adults show half-hearted surrender and self-aggrandizement when we approach God’s Throne. Our Heavenly Father knows best. That’s why He prompted David to write these words:

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens. From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise .” Psalm 8:1-2

The worship God loves is pure and simple. We bow. We sing. We surrender.

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