Filler or Fullness?

Filler or Fullness?

It was after dropping off my car at the repair shop that I looked around the neighborhood I was in and wondered out loud in which nearby restaurant I would park my fanny so I could spend time reading and reflecting on God’s truth. After locating an appropriate place for a breakfast burrito and hot chocolate I anticipated a nice morning.

My book for the day was ready: The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World. As I walked toward my restaurant of choice I was looking forward to my time of study and reflection, that is, until something hit me square in the middle of my devotion.

I was treating God like filler.

You know what I mean by filler, don’t you? That’s when we give God attention in between the other things we do. In my case, between drop off and pick up. “Lord, I’ve got nuthin’ to do between such and such time, so I’ll take a good book about you and read it over a cup of hot chocolate.”

Now there’s nothing wrong with using our in between times to give God attention. But when we orchestrate time with God in between things, instead of orchestrating our lives around our devotion to Christ, our priorities are a bit off. How ironic this realization was before opening D.A. Carson’s chapter on “Love and the Supremacy of Christ.” Where was my love for Christ first that I scheduled him between drop off and pick up?

Where is Christ in your daily schedule? Do you give him a block of time? Do you fit him in between? Or do you give him preeminence in and through all things as your day happens around you?

Is God filler or the fullness of your day?

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