Beware of Lying Spiritual Leaders

Beware of Lying Spiritual Leaders

How do false teachers creep in and contaminate the church? Peter, in the book of 1 Peter, describes the nature of false teachers and their certain judgment. As believers, we must separate ourselves from our culture and worldview to re-examine the truths of God’s Word to identify misbeliefs. The Bible is absolute truth in a world of relativism.

A false teacher looks good on the outside and sneaks into the church unnoticed. The road to hell is marked “heaven” and surreptitious, destructive heresies deny the redeeming work of Christ. Jesus is either the Son of God or He is a liar. A principal heresy of our day is that we all believe in the same God, and deny the existence of hell and judgment. Paul says that anyone who preaches a gospel other than Christ’s payment for our sins on the cross will be cursed. If God did not spare angels, He will certainly judge false teachers.

A second heresy often adopted by “Christians” today is that Christians can be involved in social action and ignore the basic truths of the faith. We are bought with a price, and because we are God’s we sacrifice and do His work. Social action is the fruit of the saving work of Christ, not its essence. Working for God apart from an intimate relationship with Him is wasted effort.

Truth is often compromised because of sensuality. Our theology changes when we have a sexual urge to go another direction. Using the name of Christ as a cloak for greed and self-interest is also a lie of Satan. A minister of the gospel must preach with integrity and humility.

But let us remember that the greatest falsehood, the propaganda of Satan, is that a loving God would not send people to hell. I believe God can and will judge us. Hell is real and it is an eternal place of punishment. Anyone who thinks otherwise is preaching a false gospel. Beware of good liars.

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