Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids

by Karen Holford

You can teach a child to pray in many creative ways. Here are just a couple:

Prayer Picture Cards

Things you need-Index cards, photos of people, pictures from magazines, glue, clear adhesive or a laminating machine.

Make cards with different pictures that can remind you or your child to pray for different things, such as things to thank God for, people to pray for, asking forgiveness and help, or special prayer requests. Let your children talk about the pictures and explain why they chose them. Laminate the cards or protect them with adhesive film.

Keep the cards together and let your child choose a few to use each time as guides for their nightly prayers. Another option would be to stack the cards in different categories, such as Praises, Thanks, and Requests. Let each child or parent praying choose one or two from each pack, or share them evenly among those praying. Let your children talk about the pictures and explain why they chose them.

Acrostic Name Prayer (for older children)

Things you need-paper, pens. Take a piece of paper and write the letters of your full name down the side of the paper. Use each letter to helop you write an acrostic prayer to God.

For example:

J-Jehovah, God, my Father, I come to worship you.

O-Over and over I wants to praise You for Your love.

E-Even when I make mistakes and hurt You, You still love me.

L-Lord, help me to share Your amazing love with others.

Another option is to choose one of the many names of God given in the Bible and use that as the acrostic name.

“I will give thanks to the LORD because of His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.” Psalm 7:17

From 100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids (and grown-ups too!) by Karen Holford.

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