How can we create a healthy culture and proper values in our churches? These are notes by Tim Schrader from the Catalyst Leadership Conference:

Groeschel teaches:

• Every organization has an unlimited number of intangibles that create its culture.

• It’s impossible to recreate an environment.

• Culture is way more than buildings, environments, signage or cleanliness.


Values and Culture


• Healthy cultures never happen by accident: they are created. The number one force that shapes your culture is your values.

• What you believe determines how you behave.

• Matthew 9:10-12

• If we value survival we will focus on keeping people happy and be overly-focused on making money.

• If we value tradition, we will focus more on the past than on the opportunities for

ministry that are right in front of us.

• If we value evangelism, we will focus more on those we have not reached than

those we have.

• A strong, effective church is made up of people unified around a strong set of values.

• We need healthy, God-honoring culture in our churches.

• If you want a different kind of culture, you’ve got to change your values.


How Do We Allow our Values to Shape our Culture?


1 – Determine honestly what your actions say you value.

• Every ministry values something.

• Not all values are intentional or clearly articulated.

• Your actions determine what you value.

• There’s often a big difference between what you claim to value and how you behave.

• Your actions speak louder.


2 – Identify the values God has put within YOU.


• Don’t copy other people’s values.

• We can’t be good at being somebody else

• What do you passionately love in ministry?

• What breaks your heart or makes you righteously angry?

• What makes you say, “NOT ON MY WATCH!” • Be honest about what you value.


3 – Narrow your values to ten or fewer.


• If everything is important, nothing will be important.

• If you value everything, you’ll value nothing.


4 – Once you’ve clearly definite your values, describe them in short, life-giving statements.


• If can’t be tweeted they are too long.

• They should be statements that strike emotion and motivate people to action.

• Some of’s values…

• We’ll do anything short of sin to reach more people for Christ.

• If we want to reach people no one is reaching we’ve got to do things other people aren’t doing.

• We aren’t a mega-church, we are a micro church with a mega-vision.

• If your values don’t move you, they won’t move other people.

• Don’t put your values on a wall, put them on your heart and let them bleed out.


5 – Shape your culture and build your people around your values.


• Lead toward your values as if your future depends on it… because it does.

• Organizations don’t change, people change.

• When people change, the organization will follow.

• If you want a different outcome, you’ve got to change the people.

• Hire and recruit for your values.

• Remove people from your organization with distinctly different values.

• If you don’t like where your ministry is going, change directions.

• If you want you’ve always had you should do what you’ve always done.

• If you want what you’ve never had, you should change.

• If something’s not right in your ministry, quit your whining and fix it.

• You have what it takes.

• Use your gift of leadership.

• God put you where you are for a reason.

• God cares more about your church than you do.

• Go and do what only you can do.

• God will empower you to get it done.


Notes from this Catalyst Conference message 2010 are taken from Tim Schrader. Used by permission of Catalyst Conference.

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