The Pawn Who Moves Up (Down) the Ladder

The Pawn Who Moves Up (Down) the Ladder

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Welcome to Job’s world of undeserved suffering, pain and affliction. This praying, faithful, godly man is the pawn in a spiritual battle between God and Satan that leaves Job penniless, homeless, childless and afflicted. Life is not fair, so like Job we must mourn and comfort our hurts and continue to walk by faith. Nothing is ever out of God’s control. Everything is part of God’s plan to refine us and bring glory to Him.

“The basic theme and teaching foundation for this sermon are from the sermon entitled, “Enduring Life’s Unfair Agonies – Setting The Stage For Disaster,” from Job 1:1-12, preached by Chuck Swindoll in his 2002 Series on the Book of Job. I have attempted to take a slightly different perspective and set of conclusions as well as add additional relevant stories and illustrations.

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