Vintage Jesus: Stories from the Life of Christ


Loving the Unloved

Jesus healed in many ways, but in the case of the leper, Jesus reached out and touched him. The very essence of Christianity is to touch […]

Pass the Bread: The Feeding the Five Thousand

John used this miracle to drive home the point that Jesus is the Bread that satisfies mankind’s deepest spiritual longings. He also was careful to record […]

Coming Back: The Raising of Lazarus

Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus was the final sign that preceded His own resurrection from the dead. A brief study of heaven, hell, death, and resurrection explains […]

Life of the Party: The Wedding Feast at Cana

The first miracle sign Jesus performed was at the wedding feast in Cana. Changing water to wine is a sign of the lavish lifestyle that Jesus […]

Rescue 911

The man at the pool of Siloam needed rescuing. Helpless, desperate people find the healing power of Christ in this gospel story. The allure of grace is […]

The Prayer of a Desperate Dad

Herod’s steward walked 20 miles to ask Jesus to heal his ailing son. Besides finding healing for his boy, the steward found faith in a miracle-working […]

Take a Break

Christ saw the Sabbath (and by extension, all of life) as being a time of restoration and connectedness with God. The Pharisees viewed the Sabbath as […]