Unknown Prophets


God’s Go-To Guys: Meet the Minor Prophets!

Minor prophet books were shorter, but definitely just as important as the major prophet books like Isaiah and Jeremiah. The problem with prophets…then and now is […]

What God Really Really Wants (Malachi)

God wants to be treated like God. He desires that we obey all of His commands. He asks to be at the center of our marriages […]

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide (Jonah)

Jonah’s book reveals what we can expect when we say “no” to God’s clear instructions. We head into a “storm” in our lives, we put others […]

The Vow (Zechariah)

We can’t know the will of God, without knowing the Word of God. We can’t be in the will of God, without obeying the Word of […]

Haggai: How to Patch the Hole in Your Wallet

Haggai’s message, unlike the other minor prophets’ sermons, was readily received by God’s people. Haggai taught to put God’s house before their own, to commit to […]

Don’t Make Me Come Down There! (Zephaniah)

God our Father often uses a description of an earthly father to bring His teaching home. Dad’s kids (Israel) weren’t obedient, accepting correction, trusting God or […]

How to Complain to God (Habakkuk)

Habakkuk asks “God, why are you tolerating wickedness? Why would you use wicked people to judge Israel? They are worse than we are. God explains how […]

Acquitted: Understanding God’s Justice

Many people perceive God as unfair and unpleasable. God delights in mercy, grace and forgiveness. Micah in encourages us to use our power in a fair […]

When Preachers Lie (Micah)

Protect yourself from lying preachers. Check their message with all of Scripture. Check the fruit before you buy the tree. The majority can be dead wrong. […]