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Getting Back on Track: How to Fall in Love with Jesus Again (Jude Pt. 2)

Jude, the tiny little Bible book before Revelation, concludes with instructions on how to come back to God after backsliding. Jude teaches us to reflect and […]

Bible Bandits: How Good Leaders Go Bad (3rd John)

The apostle John, in this short letter, warns of the traits that cause spiritual leaders to lose their spirituality and influence. Five characteristics of a dangerous […]

Cain, Balaam, Korah: Truth Robbers (Jude)

False teachers like Cain, Balaam and Korah compromised the truth of God and led people to destruction. Cain was trying to reach God on his own […]

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery? (Philemon)

Larry Osborne gives a solid Biblical answer to the question: Does the Bible endorse slavery? Philemon also teaches much about righteous living. God is in control […]

Fight for the Truth! (2 John)

The little letter of 2 John was critical in preserving the integrity of God’s message. John encourages and warns the church at the same time to […]