The Art of Parenting


Prepare Your Child to Face the Future!

As we meet the needs of our children, we forge bonds that forever change our relationships. Discovering the wonder of being with our children and listening […]

The Launch Pad: Prepare Your Kids to Face the Future

n Psalm 127, Solomon encourages parents to establish a stable home environment, to set appropriate boundaries, to practice the art of being “with” and to meet […]

Parenting Transitions from Childhood to Adolescence

Parenting changes as our children grow up. Younger children need a directive parenting style. As children approach adolescence, parents transition to the role of coach and […]

My Child and Me

Parenting is an art, not a science. We must know and experience the real God for ourselves and introduce Him to our children. We must be […]

From Bondage to Liberty

A home built on Christian liberty is a place of gratefulness, faith and affirmation. The Christian home is not based on values of performance, but on […]

From Cursings to Blessings

Jesus models the lifestyle of affirming and blessing others. As parents, we can minister blessing to our children by meaningful touch, by spoken words of love, […]