Street Smarts from Proverbs


Above All, Get Wisdom

Solomon enumerates the blessings of living by God’s wisdom and the consequences of foolishness. Three basic principles emerge: accept God’s plan for our lives, apply wisdom […]

Ah, the Power of Wisdom

People who live wisely have more than a high IQ. They cultivate an active mind to handle the everyday decisions of life. Godly fear brings wisdom […]

Five Street-Savvy Sayings

Solomon personifies wisdom as a godly parent advising a child on how to live wisely. He lists five essential truths parents should teach their children before […]

Please Guard Your Heart

Parents, teach your children to avoid sexual impurity and premarital sex. Discussing sexuality is one of the most powerful ways we have to show our children […]

Intimate Love and Its Enemy

Immoral sexual behavior is idolatry – the antithesis of worship. By participating in it, we give it time, money, and seek comfort apart from God. God […]


Lazy people procrastinate and are victimized by fear of disaster. They become vulnerable to destruction and deception. Restoration occurs when the sluggard proactively pursues God’s will […]

The Indispensable Tool in the Life of Wisdom

Discipline is designed for our good, to produce holiness, righteousness and peace. Effective discipline comes from God, the Bible, wise parents and wise people, even from […]

Why You Want to Stay Away from Pride

God hates pride. This over concern with self leads to self-centeredness, self-condemnation and self-reliance. Pride is the root of all sin, ruins relationships and brings devastation. […]

Cultivating Compassion for the Down and Out

We can make a difference in the lives of the poor. Solomon teaches that we can help the poor by managing our personal finances to insure […]