Sticks, Stones and Jawbones


Worst Case Scenarios: Facing the Fiery Furnace

How do we survive worst case scenarios? Be prepared. Learn that God is able. Hold your outcomes loosely. Sometime god doesn’t deliver us from the furnace, […]

Samson: Enslaved by Lust

Samson was one of the most gifted heroes in the Book of Judges.  Samson had a code that he lived by, but his story shows us […]

Jephthah, the Bible Judge: When Faith Becomes Toxic

We learn much about misguided faith and a skewed view of God from reading the story of Jephthah, who made a foolish vow to God and […]

Life: Jesus’ Vision for Us

God has a great love for His creatures. He knows His sheep-He knows you well. He wants you to experience abundant life, hope and meaning. This […]

Ruth: God is Secretly at Work!

Ruth’s story in the time of the Judges was a miraculous one. From a human perspective all was lost. But even when all seems lost we […]

Ehud: A Left Stab for a Fat King

The Book of Judges in the Old Testament – contains cycles of crisis management among God’s people. Their pattern is to follow God closely after God […]