RSVP: Kingdom Living Defined


Pull Out The Drain Plug

Peter learns to trust Jesus in a new way when Jesus calls him out of the boat to walk on water. Kingdom living requires faith. Faith […]

Biker Boy and Khaki Boy: Parable of the Vineyard

The parable of the vineyard contrasts the hearts of two sons. One is rebellious but repents; the other is compliant but fails to follow through. Actually […]

Outward Kingdoms and Precious Treasure

The parable of the “treasure hidden in a field” teaches that receiving Christ’s free gift of salvation is worth all that we have. Outward kingdoms only offer […]

Cultivating a Heart of Reconciliation

We all deal with feelings of anger. In Matthew 5, Jesus gives us a model for handling anger. We must not belittle others, we must reconcile […]

The Value of a Life

The parable of the ten virgins teaches us that we must focus on one thing: preparing for God’s kingdom. When we discover the value of a […]

Kingdom Living

Jesus does not emerge to start a new religion. He comes to offer us life in His kingdom where we can live free of guilt and […]