Re-Marry Me


Re-Marry Me Pt. 1: Marriage Myths

Three marriage myths may hinder the relationship between husband and wife: Unrealistic expectations, that we can change our spouse, and that a love relationship is easy. […]

Re-Marry Pt. 5: Clashing!

Fighting fair as a couple will preserve your unity as a couple and deepen your love. Don’t use words to wound. Re-frame your language away from […]

Re-Marry Pt. 4: Loops

A loop is a repeating cycle of acting and reacting… and reacting from an unbiblical image of marriage. Pursuer-Distancer is a loop where one partner is […]

Re-Marry Me Pt. 3: Connecting

When your marriage is losing altitude, your relationship devolves from fascination to boredom to contempt. When your marriage is gaining altitude, your relationship goes from intimacy […]

Re-Marry Me Part 2: Letting Go

Your values are what you want to stand for, what you want to do, or how you want to behave. You can take a fixed approach […]