Principles of Relational Theology: Loving God and Others


Christ and His Towel

Servants never crave the spotlight, but simply live to meet others’ needs. As Christ washes the disciples’ feet before his crucifixion, he models the personal involvement […]

The Father with the Outstretched Arms

Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son depicts the plight of a runaway son, a grieving father and a sulky older brother. Self-reliance, selfishness and self-condemnation bring […]

Intimate Life

Too often we miss the closeness of knowing Jesus personally. The apostle John invites us to have the same intimate fellowship with Jesus that John had […]

The God Who Wants to Know our Hearts

What are your earliest memories of your Dad? Was he your punisher or protector? How we view our fathers can dramatically affect perceptions of our Heavenly […]

What Intimacy with God Looks Like

Life is not about us. It’s all about God. As we mature in Christ, we develop a relationship with God that is secure and intimate in […]

The Great Distraction

All of us long for meaningful relationships. So, why do we often hurt the ones we love? Our worldly cravings, lusts and pride distract us from […]

The Greatest Hindrance to Intimacy with God

We can run, but we can’t hide from sin. Sin soils the human spirit and impairs our ability to experience God. Christ rescues us from the […]