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When Pain Becomes Your Pulpit: Psalm 9

What do you do when you feel that the world has gathered against you? The hardest thing you ever do is to wait in God’s promises […]

God, I Don’t Understand! Habakkuk

Some of you are losing sleep over what you don’t understand about God. Habakkuk gives you the answers and a way to process your doubts and […]

One More Night with the Frogs!

Egypt suffered horribly when God sent the plague of the frogs. Frogs were everywhere, but Pharaoh waited to call for Moses. In the same way, we […]

Igniting Kingdom Power Through Prayer

If you want heaven’s power, you must be cultivating spiritual intimacy. Expand your capacity for God to do more for you and in you. Don’t be […]

Find God’s Buried Treasure for You!

When our dreams are shattered, can we actually experience the grace of God in the midst of our humanity, watch God’s spirit move in a powerful […]

Psalm 5: The Prayer to Pray in Darkness

We all struggle with evil. David expressed his sorrow and frustration in this psalm. “How Long, O God?” David struggled – and then he prayed fervently. When […]

The Truth About Dishonesty

Dishonesty begins when you avoid conflict and intimacy. Dishonesty is based on the fear of revealing your weaknesses. Be authentic and give grace. Allow others to […]

Burden-Bearing: True Spirituality

Paul teaches in Galatians 5:24 through 6:10 that true spirituality is manifested in a loving concern for others. The crucified life is a life of love […]

Elisha: What to Do in the Absence of a Crisis

Elisha gave up a profitable career to become a penniless prophet. What do we learn? Crisis can be catalyst for change, but how do we change in […]