The Pastor’s Support Team

Every pastor needs safe people in his congregation to listen, love and support him. Ralph Tacker, father-in-law of Roger Barrier, chats about the pastors he has […]

Parenting Ins and Outs

Invest time and energy in your children. Build them up according to their needs. The goal is to be adult friends when they leave home.

Refocus to Reach Out

Churches have different strong suits. Each individual fellowship can refocus to prioritize reaching its community for Christ.

Raising the Temperature of Evangelism in Your Church

Help your congregation to become passionate about sharing their faith. All churches have a focus: teaching, prayer, worship and counseling. However, every church should evangelize.

Recharging Your Batteries

Wide-ranging interests and diversions will produce a rested and well-rounded pastor.  Spiritual, emotional and physical wellness will prolong a pastor’s ministries.  Priorities must be set and […]

The Pastor as Employer

Pastors Barrier and Barteau share real-life experiences that have shaped their ministries.  Crisis management, recovering from failure and processing pain are discussed. Identifying key influencers and […]

Evaluating and Equipping Employees

Building an efficient staff is predicated on a clear understanding of the unique skills of employees.  Personnel must be evaluated for their competency, passion and teachable […]

Learning to Lead

Pastors Barrier and Barteau discuss elements of effective leadership. How do you measure your skill and potential? How do you deal with opposition or cultivate competent […]