How to Teach Your Child About Sex Podcast

Marilyn Morris, founder and president of Aim For Success, Inc. and author of Teens, Sex and Choices  and  ABCs of the Birds and Bees for Parents […]

Navy Diver, Power-Lifter Turned Pastor

Dr. Brad Tuttle shares his colorful testimony beginning with his daring days as a Navy deep sea diver and nationally-known power lifter. He shares his journey […]

The Roles We Play

Drs. Roger Barrier and Chet Weld discuss life themes that impact our self-image, our self-talk and our decisions. These powerful “life scripts” can be positive or […]

Take Off The Church Face

“Authenticity” is a buzzword frequently used by emerging church leaders. However,”being real” as a ministry couple just isn’t that easy. Roger and Julie Barrier discuss the […]

How to Win at Parish Poker

Knowing how many chips you have can win or lose the game of ministry. Leading people is about choosing your battles wisely and navigating change well. […]

Beating Pornography Part Two

Drs. Chet Weld and Roger Barrier continue their discussion about pornography-its damaging effects on families, and constructive ways to begin to obtain freedom from its grasp.

Beating Pornography Part One

Drs. Chet Weld and Roger Barrier discuss the prevalence of pornography in our culture and how it affects the marriage relationship. Is pornography grounds for divorce? […]

Healing Damaged Emotions

Dr. Weld discusses the negative messages we receive in our growing-up years, how to process them and how to discover our true identity in Christ.

Write A Bible Study People Will Actually Finish

Brie Wetherbee, author, theological and content editor for a multitude of ministries and publishers, shares her helpful tips for creating small group Bible Studies, daily devotionals […]