Leading Through Change

A great leader has a clear vision, an awareness of the needs of the people he leads and a clear communication plan for implementing change. The […]

Squeeze: Too Many Jobs, Too Little Time

Nationally-known church and business consultant Tom Lutz discusses the importance of prioritizing relationships, responsibilities and roles. We must allocate our resources wisely and learn to delegate […]

Leaders and Managers: Are They the Same?

Nationally-known business and church consultant Tom Lutz teaches that great leaders innovate, develop, inspire trust, think long-range and make wise choices. Great managers administer, maintain, control […]

Effective Management

Nationally-known church and business consultant discusses the role of a manager: to supervise people and to obtain and allocate resources. The supervising manager knows how to […]

Conflict Resolution Part Two

Techniques for diffusing conflict are discussed, and methods for breaking unhealthy alliances are suggested. Conflict does not have to destroy relationships. We can become peacemakers.

Conflict Resolution Part One

Drs. Chet Weld and Roger Barrier discuss how to avoid destructive alliances that will destroy unity. A conflict intensity scale is described, and ways to deflect […]

Anatomy of Addiction

Drs. Roger Barrier and Steve Dowdle discuss how to identify addictive behaviors, how to do an intervention for a loved one, and how to cope with […]

Four Kinds of People Who Refuse to Change Part Two

Four personality disorders (histrionic, dependent, anti-social and borderline) receive detailed examination because they are among the most commonly encountered in church ministry. The challenge posed by […]

Four Kinds of People Who Refuse to Change Part One

Dr. Steven Dowdle, well-known pastor, psychologist and educator describes four personality types that are resistant to counseling and church ministry. How does a pastor handle these […]