Living a Balanced and Healthy Life

It is important to reduce stress by setting a wise balance in this imbalanced world and by being proactive in preventing disease.

Media and Technology in Ministry

Dallas Seminary dialogue features Mark Yarborough, Don Regier, Wayne Walker and John Dyer discussing blogs, podcasts, social networking, texting and video in today’s ministry settings.

Now is the Time to Reach the World for Christ

President of Eagle Television in Mongolia shares his story-his call to missions, the open door for the gospel and how we can be involved.

Re-Group: Recovering From Setbacks

Surrendering to God’s will, re-assessing our strengths and weaknesses and discerning the passions God has given us enable us to recover from failure and loss.

Vision-Casting and Measuring Success

As pastors and leaders, we must know ourselves well, understand our audience (congregation) and determine what success would look like. Pastors can learn much through studying […]

Techniques for Implementing Change

Implementing change in your church is an art. An effective communication plan is needed, every level of leadership must take ownership in implementing change, and the […]

Single-Parent Programs for Your Church and Community

Pastor Bob Robinson, founder of Parenting Alone, gives practical, helpful information to pastors and church leaders upon developing single-parent ministries in a church and community setting. […]

Missionary Courage

Wycliffe missionaries Larry and Nancy Hagberg share their story of the joys and challenges of translating God’s Word and evangelizing an unreached people group.

Heroic Faith

Wycliffe missionaries Larry and Nancy Hagberg relate a remarkable story of faith in the midst of cancer, a near-fatal car crash and floods. God’s Word is […]