Podcast: Health and Healthy Relationships

Regarding health, get the facts, understand the layers of health care, explore treatment options, seek wise spiritual counsel and take a personal inventory. Team up with […]

Methods of Defusing Anxiety

Anxiety may be healed by discovering underlying assumptions that cause automatic negative thinking. For example, questions like “What is the evidence that this is true? Can […]

Healing Misplaced Guilt and Faulty Thinking

Christian psychologist Dr. Chet Weld discusses six primary drivers that skew our self-image and lead to faulty thinking.

Forgiveness, Worry and Loneliness

Reduce stress by forgiving others, avoiding anxiety and depression, practicing gratefulness and developing a support system.

Identify and Beat Anxiety Podcast

Dr. Chet Weld speaks on identifying anxiety in your life and recognizing the patterns of automatic negative thinking and faulty assumptions. By understanding these key issues, […]

Toxic Relationships: Identify the Interpersonal Traits of Unsafe People

Unsafe people can sabotage relationships by dishonesty, selfishness, control, condemnation, codependence, betrayal and secrecy. Learn how to discern the relationships in your life that are healthy […]

How to Deal with Safe and Unsafe People in your Life

It’s important to let the right people into our personal lives. Some people we should let into our personal lives and others just aren’t safe because […]

Playing to Your Strengths Part One

International church and business consultant Tom Lutz discusses the importance of recognizing your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and allowing them to shape your ministry.

Spirituality, Self-Image and Vision

De-stressing essentials include cultivating true spirituality, developing a positive self-image and focusing on positive dreams and goals for your life.