Passages: A Look at Ecclesiastes


Happy Endings

When we go to the movies we love happy endings. We want the right guy to get the girl. We want the world saved from extinction. […]

King Solomon’s Tips on Managing Money

Solomon observes that there are two sides to wealth: God-blessed abundance and the insatiable grasping for riches. God has laid out a solid plan to manage […]

Taking the Fear Out of Finances

We take the fear out of finances by voluntarily submitting to five principles of a God-blessed financial plan: giving God the first fruit, living within our […]

The Pursuit of Pleasure

King Solomon learned that wealth, women, power and pleasure never bring satisfaction. Balance, simplicity and contentment may be gained by living a godly life. Pursue Me […]

When Life Isn’t Fair

The injustices of life in government, oppression and death can cloud our vision of the heavenly life. Don’t be shocked by injustice. It is the result […]

Remember Me

Solomon’s advice is to enjoy life now—because good health, vigor and youth do not last forever. But true enjoyment is found by living in harmony with […]

What Time Is It?

Life is a constant changing of seasons. We can learn to adapt to each metamorphosis with grace and faith if we recognize what is under our control […]

Listen! Listen!

God is speaking. Draw near and listen. Be quiet and stay calm because God has the best perspective on our lives. God believes in us and […]

Life Can Be Tough: So Huddle Up!

Life is tough. A support system is indispensable, so be proactive in cultivating and maintaining friendships. Resist the temptation to be self-reliant. The individualistic life in […]