Matt Chandler, Village Church


Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Sex can be really beautiful or really dangerous because it brings the body and soul into a kind of wholeness not otherwise known. It is a […]

Single and Blessed

The good news about a single Savior who provides abundant life for all who die with him… Jesus didn’t view his celibacy as a no…no to […]

Prayer: Racial Reconciliation

There’s no place for this nonsense in the church, no place for this nonsense in the kingdom of God.We can celebrate our unique cultural backgrounds. The […]

Ananias and Sapphira: The Cost of Cheating

In this series from Acts, the church struggles from within when Ananias and Sapphira bring gifts and lie about their generosity. They also experience persecution from […]

Grace Made Visible: Stewardship

God has made everything and that everything is the Lord’s and that God has decreed and declared that you and I, made in his image, are […]

God Keeps His Big Promises

God’s yes in salvation is found in Jesus Christ. God’s hearing of your prayers is found yes in Jesus Christ. God’s ability to sustain you in […]

Hosea and Gomer: The Love That Frees Us

God is a covenant-keeping God, and he consistently reveals it in Scripture as he loves, pursues, and delights in people who don’t show a lot of […]

Revenge and Love

We are born with a sense of justice. But because of this tendency, we tend to want to retaliate when we are unjustly treated. Walk in […]

Youth: The Time to Change the World for Christ

King Solomon teaches in Ecclesiastes that the time to surrender to God and serve Him well is in our youth, when we are strong and visionary. […]