Mark Batterson, National Community Church


Joy! How to Have It and How to Keep It

Joy is triumphant elation in the face of great loss. Joy is not getting what you want, it’s appreciating what you already have. You are God’s […]

God in the Hands of Angry People

In the beginning, God created humankind in His image. We have been creating God in our image ever since. But what you end up with is […]

What Should Be Our Bravest Prayer?

God’s name, YAHWEH, is spoken without the vowels. In fact, when a Jew spoke the Hebrew words, it was a whisper-a breath. God gave us our […]

Holidazed? Mary’s Step into the Unknown

A sovereign God governs the affairs of men. He is still seated on His throne. Are you holidazed, confused, frustrated? Things have happened this year that […]

Sheltered: Peace in Your Storms

Sometimes it is the troubles of life that get you exactly where God wants you to go. They are so scary when you are right in […]

The Grave Robber

The miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection doesn’t just foreshadow the resurrection of Christ, it foreshadows yours! When we sin, our soul is wrapped in grave clothes. Sin […]

The Mark of Cain

What do we learn from Cain? Don’t play the comparison game. Jealousy and pride will kill you. Pray for the people you want to kill. Love […]

Fret Not: Psalm 37

Psalm 37 teaches us to enjoy God, to trust He will give us right desires. We don’t need to be anxious. Just walk in faith and […]

Psalm 145: Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

“Bless” is the most frequently used word in the Old Testament. Don’t fail to bless God and honor Him. To fail to bless Him is to […]