Malachi: Prepare the Way


Prospects for the Future

In the concluding chapter of Malachi, the prophet teaches about the reward of the righteous and the return of the Messiah. Malachi points to the New […]

Spiritual Myopia

God is wearied by the Israelites’ excessive complaining. Instead of repenting, the Jews compare themselves with their pagan neighbors and ask, “Where is the God of […]

Preachers Gone Bad

Malachi warns the levitical priests to repent of their sins and respond to the discipline of God. If not, the judgment of God will rest on […]

Malachi’s Marriage Manual

Dr. Toussaint, in a fatherly chat, teaches seven key criteria for choosing a mate: respect, compatibility, intimacy, mutual goals, maturity and acceptance from the extended family. 

Ho Hum Among the Lame

Malachi decries the priests and their disrespect of God, their practice of legalism without principle. God disapproves of their sins, their hypocrisy and their empty prayers. 

Wake Up! Jacob I Have Loved

The prophet Malachi encourages us to stop living Christian lives riddled with lifeless formalism and lethargy. God has chosen us and longs to bless us.

Near-Sighted Spirituality

As believers, we are on the “winning side.” God sent His prophetic messengers to prepare our hearts to receive His grace. Don’t live with a short-term […]