Lessons from Corinth


Corinth: Coming Clean

Because of Jesus, we have been washed completely clean, set apart for God’s purposes,  and declared just before God. All of these blessings come at the […]

The Power of Sex (Corinth)

Singleness and marriage are both gifts from God. Intimacy is indispensable to marriage. When we deny sexual intimacy, we are cheating the marriage.

Jesus Christ: The Real Deal?

Paul in his letter to the Corinthian church wants Christians to consider the claims of Christ and ponder our choice to receive Him as Lord and […]

A More Excellent Way (Corinth Part Six)

The Apostle Paul (in 1 Cor. 13) challenges a couple of different paths where the believers have gotten sideways and are missing the “most excellent way” […]

Guided Freedom (Corinth)

The Apostle Paul unpacks in (ch. 10) some insights to what true freedom for believers entails. It’s a “guided freedom” – a freedom that exercises constraints […]

Freed by Christ to Love Others

Christ set us free to be part of His life-giving community-God is the source and strength of all we produce and we’re invited to do something […]

Corinth Pt. 3: Marks of Maturity

Maturity is marked more by a weight on relational indicators than performance indicators. Maturity is also marked by our love for God and our understanding of […]

Judgment Calls: When Christians Step Over the Line

The Judgment of God is all about worthiness before God. It’s about discerning the deepest motives of the human spirit. It is about having the right […]

Corinth: A Colorful Crowd Living in Community

The colorful church with unique problems relates to our present day churches and how we grow in Christ.