Larry Osborne, North Coast Church


The Traitor Within (James)

The truth about temptation is that it’s not a sin to be tempted, only to give in. Don’t blame God, others or the bait. When tempted […]

Fisherman to Fisher of Men: Peter’s Big Career Change

Jesus asked Jesus to follow Him immediately. What a bold request! How do you recognize and respond to God’s call for your life? Expect it to […]

Fighting the Sin Within: The Power of a Renewed Mind

Humans have a traitor within. When the truth hurts, most prefer a lie. The three marks of the accountable life are taking responsibility, accepting correction and […]

Abraham and His Little White Lies

Abraham learned that half-truths that deceive are still lies. Don’t be surprised when our children copy our actions, not our boundaries. Abraham’s deceiving ways were passed […]

Bloom Where You’re Planted: Singleness, Divorce and Re-Marriage

Paul gives practical relationship advice in 1 Corinthians 7. To singles, he advises to stay single if you can. Marriage undercuts your ability to serve God […]

Playing with Fire: Balancing Fear and Freedom

Paul discussed questions of religious freedom with the Corinthian believers. He related that an idol was powerless, and that true worship of God is more than […]

Brain Cramps: Missing the Obvious (Jesus in the O.T.)

“Brain Cramps” refers to how religious leaders from the Old and New Testament completely missed the heart of God and the teachings of Jesus. Old Testament […]

Tears in Heaven?

Are there tears in heaven for believers? Of course, we are saved by faith, but Scripture teaches that God “will wipe away” every tear. Certain passages […]

When Good Kids Go Bad

How do you deal with a rebellious child? When they insist on leaving, let them leave. When things get tough-don’t run to the rescue. If they […]