John McKinzie, Hope Fellowship Church


Death and All of His Friends

And when death arrives on our doorstep, he brings all his friends along with him; sorrow, despair, pain, loneliness, depression, addiction, confusion, bitterness, anger and of […]

Daniel: Courageous and Committed

Courageous commitment doesn’t make sense and it never will. It didn’t in Daniel’s day and it doesn’t in ours-but as we learn in the unusual suspect […]

Josiah, the Child King

Josiah, the child king, began his reign at eight and died at thirty-nine. His grandfather and father were wicked, idolatrous monarchs. While re-building the temple, Hilkiah […]

iPhone Living: Charge Your Batteries!

We must be “plugged into God” in order to successfully live the Christian life! Spiritual disciplines like Bible reading/meditation, prayer, solitude, fasting, service, worship, generosity and […]

Summer School-Grow Up

We often lose our desire to grow because of apathy, bad spiritual experiences, unconfessed sin and unforgiveness. Healing can take place by worship, connecting, taking a […]

Summer School Part One: Set Free!

Paul teaches us that we can know that we are buried with Christ, and raised to new life with Him. We can count ourselves dead to […]

Big God: Big Heart for the World

God’s big heart is passion-filled with love for His creatures. He’s called us to be an integral part of His redemptive plan. what fences do you […]

Courting and Covenant: Prescriptions for Dating for Marriage

Selecting a marriage partner should be a divine appointment. We should seek God for the partner He has for us. We must be spiritually compatible, start […]

Stop Throwing Stones! Judgment and Grace

Christ calls us to be grace-filled, humble people. We are to love others and pray for them rather than nagging and trying to change them. Self-awareness […]